Balanced Life is a truly natural diet that improves longevity and health in your cat. A paleo friendly solution to mealtime, it mimics the same nutritional habits your cat would have in the wild.

Van Balanced Life Feline Treat 85g

  • Balanced Life is formulated by Vet's All Natural's Dr Bruce Syme, drawing upon 20 years of pet nutrition and vet knowledge, so you know that you're giving your cat the best. There are a number of key benefits of Balanced Life including: - Air dried at low temperatures for freshness. - Gluten free - Grain free - Full of natural prebiotics - Paleo diet approved - Loaded with vitamins and minerals. - Suitable for all life stages. Balanced Life with Roo or Salmon, includes high levels of meat to provide the essential protein your cat needs. Single protein diets can assist with skin and digestive allergies, so it's ideal for young and old pets. There is a healthy serve of fruits and veggies in Balanced Life. - Cranberries for extra fibre and dental care - Kelp to support thyroid health and cleanse digestive system - Coconut for their dose of fatty acids - Alfalfa to boost their antioxidants