Sashas Blend is a unique joint supplement powder proven to improve joint health and reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.  There are many factors that predispose pets to developing osteoarthritis. Obesity and developmental orthopaedic diseases like hip and elbow dysplasia are common causes. Previous trauma to the joint from accidental injury or surgery can also play a role. Once the joint is damaged or placed under excessive strain, damage occurs to the chondrocytes, the cells that create the cartilage that cushions the joint. The damaged chondrocytes release substances that result in inflammation of the joint which begins a vicious cycle of deterioration. Over time the cartilage disappears resulting in reduced mobility and pain.

Through containing green lipped mussel, abalone and marine cartilage, this powder is rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids and glycosaminoglycans (including chondroitin sulphate). This combination of active ingredients has proven to slow the process of cartilage breakdown in the joint, as well as reducing pain and inflammation.

Sashas Blend is safe for long term use in dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. Not recommended for use in pregnant animals.

Sashas Blend 250g