RIVERINA WORKHORSE MIX is a muesli mix for all working horses undertaking moderate to heavy workloads on a regular basis. It is a suitable supplementary feed for all sporting horses, horses working cattle, polo horses, trotters and horses in moderate competition work.



  • RIVERINA WORKHORSE MIX contains a combination of steam flaked (cooked) grains and palatable ingredients generously covered in molasses.
  • A sweet feed that uses a high molasses level.
  • High energy from a combination of higher vegetable oil levels and cooked cereals.
  • Sodium and chloride have a role in maintaining normal electrolyte balance in body tissues during heavy exercise.
  • Added amino acids and high quality proteins from soybean meal.
  • Contains extra vitamin E as an antioxidant and selenium for normal growth and fertility.
  • Contains a custom protein, vitamin and mineral pellet to help reduce fine material.


  • Manufactured to strict quality control standards for incoming raw materials and the finished product.
  • Formulated in accordance with current research into horse nutrition and mixed using a variety of quality raw materials.

Riverina Work Horse Mix 20kg


    • Steam flaked barley, whole oats, steam flaked maize, cottonseed meal,  soybean meal, sunflower seeds, lucerne chaff, white chaff, molasses, vegetable oil, limestone, dicalcium phosphate, salt, lysine, choline chloride, mould inhibitor, Riverina equine vitamin & mineral premix.
    • Base raw materials may gradually change seasonally.