Easy to administer Flea and Heartworm prevention, Waterproof after two hours and wont wash off, Effective for an entire month, Kills fleas in your pets living environments.

For best results, it is recommended you wash your pets bedding in hot water regularly. Vacuum and dust your house regularly, pay particular attention to the areas where your pet sleeps and eats.

Please consult your Vet before using this product for the first time.

Revolution Dog Brown (5.1-10kg).....from

  • Revolution is the most complete flea and heartworm protection for Dogs. It provides dual protection from fleas and heartworm in a convenient monthly spot-on. You need parasite protection for your pet, because parasites aren't just a nuisance - they are a real threat to you and your pet. Heartworm disease can be caused by a single mosquito bite and can kill both cats and dogs. And fleas make your pet uncomfortable and cause flea allergy dermatitis the most common skin allergy in dogs and cats. Fleas also transmit tapeworm to dogs and cats not to mention the trouble a flea infestation can cause you.