Dogs are descendant from wolves, and although they have adapted to a domesticated life, their physiological makeup remains that of a carnivore. Proudi® single and mixed protein recipes for dogs are expertly formulated to perfectly suit their nutritional needs. Proudi® is the simple, safe and nutritionally complete way to feed your dog the benefits of a raw diet.


Available in 2.8kg bags (14 x 200g patties)

Proudi® Perfect Raw is more than just the best BARF pet food. It sets a new standard in raw feeding 95% Meat, Organs, Moisture and Bone.Human grade everything, and Proudly Australian made.

Proudi® Perfect Raw is the best BARF pet food based on the principles of raw prey model feeding. Ideal for everyday feeding.

Proudi® Perfect Raw is the best SPD raw dog food because of these high quality and premium ingredients

Proudi Raw Frozen Roo & Beef Patties for Dogs

  • 100% Australian boneless kangaroo, 100% Australian beef lung, beef heart, beef liver, collagen, pumpkin seeds, ground vacuum dried bones, flaxseed, dried kelp, calcium carbonate, zinc sulfate, manganese chelate, mixed tocopherols, Vitamin D.