Cats are obligate carnivores, relying solely on meat proteins for energy. Proudi®’s extremely low carbohydrate, moderate fat and high protein formulas for cats mimic their ancestral diet and provide your couch lion with the best quality nutrition.

97% boneless Australian meat, organs and ground bone.
Naturally complete and balanced.
Ideal for everyday feeding.  Available in 1.26kg bags (14 x 90g patties)


High in protein, moderate in fat, extremely low in carbs No excessive bone, no hazardous bone fragments No grains, no rendered products, no fillers, no harmful chemicals.

Proudi Raw Frozen Roo & Beef Patties for Cats

  • Deboned kangaroo meat, deboned beef, beef heart, beef liver, beef lung, kangaroo liver, kangaroo lung, kangaroo heart, kangaroo kidney, cardamom, calcium carbonate, dried kelp, ground vacuum dried bones, mixed tocopherols, taurine, zinc sulphate, copper sulphate.