Liver is possibly the most nutrient-dense food in the world. The liver is a nutrient-rich organ that most dogs love eating. This organ will provide your pet with proteins, fat and vitamin A. These features will help your dog stay healthy. The liver is also a good source of iron, copper, niacin, zinc, and phosphorus. It's packed with essential nutrients, rich in protein and low in calories. Liver is a good source for vitamin B12, vitamin A, riboflavin and copper. It is also rich in the essential nutrients folate, iron and choline.

You should consider feeding your dog up to 1 oz of liver every day. This amount is recommended for medium to large dogs, if you have a small dog, use the half the amount. Liver is nutritious, and it will keep your god healthy and sated.

Vitamin A assists in digestion, keeps reproductive organs healthy, and is a powerful antioxidant. Liver is a also a great source of folic acid, B vitamins, iron, and copper. While liver is highly nutritious, it has precious nutrients that are very much affected by heat. Therefore, avoid cooking it or the nutritional benefit will be lost.

Since liver is very high in vitamin A, it is recommended not to feed over 5% liver in the diet. The 5% liver ratio provides more than recommended allowance for vitamin A. Increasing the amount of liver beyond 5% can provide too much vitamin A in the diet.

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