MILBEMAX for Small Dogs and Puppies, is a broad-spectrum allwormer tablet, for the treatment of roundworm, whipworm, hookworm and tapeworm in dogs. If given monthly, it can also prevent heartworm.

This pack contains 2 tablets: 1/2 tablet treats puppies/dogs 0.5kg - 1kg, 1 tablet treats dogs 1kg - 5kg For dogs 5kg & Over - Use Milbemax Broad-Spectrum Allwormer tablets for Dogs over 5kg in bodyweight.

Each Tablet contains the Active Ingredients: 2.5mg MILBEMYCIN OXIME and 25mg PRAZIQUANTEL


Please see your vet before using this product for the first time

*PLEASE note, this product is not suitable for: - Dogs over 5 months of age that have never been on any heartworm treatment - Dogs that have missed some monthly heartworm treatments, or where more than 6 weeks have elapse since the last heartworm treatment.

If any of these conditions apply, please contact your Vet for advice and heartworm testing before starting this medication.

Milbemax Allwormer for Dogs/Puppies 0.5kg - 5kg