FIDO'S Avitrol Bird Worm Syrup treats, Threadworm (Capillaria sp.), Caecal worm (Heterakis sp.), Roundworm (Ascaridia sp.), gape worm (Syngamus sp.), gizzard worm (Acuaria sp.) and Tapeworm (Raillietina sp.) in ornamental cage birds.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Administration to species or strains of birds known to be sensitive to the effects of Levamisole. Not recommended for use in Gouldian finches.

PRECAUTIONS: Parrots appear to be less tolerant than pigeons to Levamisole. DO NOT dose in extremely hot, dry weather or treat stressed birds, or birds that are feeding young.

Fido's Avitrol Plus Bird Worm Syrup 100ml

  • A convenient and broad spectrum bird wormer which controls thread, caecal, round, gape, gizzard and important tape worms in caged birds. Diluted in drinking water: 0.5mL (12 drops) to 20mL of water or 25mL/L. Use this as the sole source of drinking water for 24 hours and feed only seed, then replace with fresh clean water. Solution should be freshly made up before dosing. Repeat in 14 days with fresh solution, or as directed by a veterinary surgeon. This provides a dose of 40mg/kg bodyweight based on an average bodyweight of 30g and consumption of 5mL/day. In summer the dose should be reduced to account for increased water consumption, which may be double or more. For threadworm, caecal worm, gape worm and roundworm a dose of 0.025mg/g (25mg/kg) bodyweight has been found adequate. For gizzard worm a dose of 0.05mg/g (50mg/kg) is necessary. Good husbandry/housekeeping practices is important to prevent re-infestation, practise good hygiene and sanitation, and eliminate dampness. Birds should be, ideally, moved into a clean cage 48 hours after initial treatment, and the old cage thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected. Wild birds can infect the aviary with their droppings.