Equimax LV is a palatable, broad-spectrum worming paste that is up to 100% effective in treating all major internal parasites in horses, including all three species of both tapeworm and bots.


Up to 100% effective against:
- Tapeworms
- Large Strongyles
- Small Strongyles
- Pinworms
- Ascarids
- Hairworms
- Large Mouth Stomach Worms
- Neck Threadworms
- Bots
- Lungworms
- lntestinal Threadworms
- Summer Sores

Control of skin lesions caused by Habronema and Draschia spp. cutaneous larvae (summer sores), and Onchocerca spp. microfilariae (cutaneous onchocerciasis).

One 6.42 g adjustable multidose syringe will treat a horse up to 600kg.

Equimax LV Oral Paste 7.49g

  • Ivermectin 18.7 mg/g; Praziquantel 140mg/g