PURINA Bonnie Adult Complete is a complete dry food for adult dogs made from real chicken. This food combines essential nutrients and nutritional requirements for adult dogs without the need for supplements. In a easy to chew kibble that is great tasting, Bonnie provides your dog with the engery to stay on the go. PURINA Bonnie Working Dog is formulated to meet the needs of working and very active dogs, to ensure all the required nutritional and mineral demands from working dogs are met. BONNIE is made in Australia with real kangaroo or chicken meat. Protein helps maintain lean body mass and strong muscles. Real meat, which is a natural source of protein, iron and phosphorous is used in BONNIE. But not just any meat - we use government-certified kangaroo meat, one of the leanest meats available, and food-grade chicken. BONNIE Lite is a highly palatable, easily digestible food, which is the basis for the optimum diet a dog would have in its natural environment. BONNIE is formulated with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to help maintain lustrous skin and a radiant coat, plus essential vitamins and minerals, so there's no need to add supplements. With no added artificial colours or flavours, you can be assured that your dog is getting excellent, complete nutrition and all his daily nutritional requirements. Developed by veterinary nutritionists who understand the nutritional needs of your less active dogs, BONNIE Lite is a great alternative for adult dogs of all breeds that are less active, and is also suitable for elderly dogs with a more sensitive digestive system, and is ideal for dogs better suited to a chicken-based diet. Complete and balanced meal - no need for supplements, which makes BONNIE easy to use, and it contains no added artificial colours or flavours

Bonnie Dry Food 20kg - Various