There are 7 flavours in our everyday range, 2 in our Allergy range and 1 Scientifically formulated WELLBEING Diet. Each Flavour is available in 3kg pack containing 12 x 250g individually sealed patties.

Turkey BARF an allergy diet for dogs is an alternative to the common BARF flavours and perfect for dogs with allergies. Turkey offers a natural, healthy protein, with similar nutrient profiles as those of chicken. This allergy diet for dogs contains offal component (heart, liver and kidney) this is also of turkey origin making this allergy diet for dogs species specific.

This diet is natural leader in a raw Barf diet or allergy diet for dogs. The need for visits to the vet for cortisone shots, tablets, medicated washes and antibiotics is vastly reduced and often disappears. Big Our Allergy range of Turkey or Kangaroo is a great place to start for those with on going skin issues.

Big Dog has been working very closely with a family-owned Australian turkey farm to ensure the raw material used is just what the dog ordered, and featured recently on Lifestyle channels “Paddock to Plate” with Matt Moran

Turkey can be fed at all stages of your pet’s life – just perfect for the gobblers, too!

Big Dog BARF for Dogs - Turkey

  • BARF for Dogs (Bones and RAW Foods Diet or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) is loaded with natural raw ingredients to ensure optimum health, wellbeing and longevity… Big Dog BARF for Dogs diets offer essential balanced nutrition, based on the natural instinct of your dog. BARF for Dogs contains the finest Australian grown raw ingredients. Where possible we source from organic resources or local farms. All the ingredients in our recipes are sourced from leading Human Consumption facilities. With a nutrient packed profile that is not altered by temperature, is free from fillers, chemicals or preservatives and is available to support your pets’ health after its first meal. Our recipe contains natural forms of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and oils. Making the switch is a natural choice. We wouldn’t let our two legged children dine on cereal, chips, biscuits or processed foods as a staple, so why should we base our four legged family diet on these types of foods? By including a range of whole raw, natural foods in their diet we encourage optimal health and longevity. The kind of diet that nature intended or they would dine on in the wild. Benefits of feeding a RAW BARF for Dogs Diet often include: Improved Skin, Coat and Lean Body Mass: A BARF fed pet has a healthier skin and coat and no more of that “doggy odour”. Persistent skin problems improve as a result of a diet high in omegas and FREE from preservatives. Pets also usually start losing unwanted fat and gain lean muscle mass; meaning your pet looks much better; and metabolic rate and activity levels increase, which leads to a longer lifespan. Healthier Teeth and Fresher Breath: Big Dog BARF contains crushed bone which aids in teeth cleaning, reduces tartar and promotes great teeth and gum health. Because BARF is natural and a diet that the dog’s body can easily break down and absorb the nutrients as it travels through the digestive system, their breath will be much fresher