Available in 12 x 125g patties per 1.5kg box

One of the most important parts of a puppy’s development is that of the bones and joints. By providing the correct nutrition through the early years of development you will set the foundation for strength and mobility for the years to come. We all know how important calcium is in the development of strong healthy teeth and bones, however it is equally important that we make sure that we are feeding the correct levels of Phosphorus. Calcium and Phosphorus have a synergistic relationship. They are two parts that must come together to make sure the relationship works at its optimum level. Fortunately nature made this very easy for us to do. By including bones in your pups diet we will ensure that our puppies are not only receiving these two crucial minerals, but also receiving them in their correct ratios of 1:0.7.

Big Dog Small Dog BARF contains crushed bone to help us provide this.

Big Dog Small Dog BARF is Combo flavour and contains beef, lamb, chicken and pork, so you have a meal that offers a nice natural balance of the four flavours plus a variety that offers a terrific amino acid profile.

We all like to see nice strong healthy puppies but it is important when raising a puppy to ensure that you don’t over feed and in turn place undue pressure on the joints as they grow and develop.

Big Dog BARF for Dogs - Puppy & Small Dogs

  • Big Dog BARF for Dogs diets offer essential balanced nutrition, based on the natural instinct of your dog. BARF for Dogs contains the finest Australian grown raw ingredients. Where possible we source from organic resources or local farms. All the ingredients in our recipes are sourced from leading Human Consumption facilities. With a nutrient packed profile that is not altered by temperature, is free from fillers, chemicals or preservatives and is available to support your pets’ health after its first meal. Our recipe contains natural forms of essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and oils. Making the switch is a natural choice. We wouldn’t let our two legged children dine on cereal, chips, biscuits or processed foods as a staple, so why should we base our four legged family diet on these types of foods? By including a range of whole raw, natural foods in their diet we encourage optimal health and longevity. The kind of diet that nature intended or they would dine on in the wild. Some of the benefits of feeding a RAW BARF for Dogs Diet often include: Improved Skin, Coat and Lean Body Mass: Metabolic rate and activity levels increase, which leads to a longer lifespan. Healthier Teeth and Fresher Breath A strengthened Immune System: Reduced Stool Volume and Odour Balanced Hormones and improved Behaviour Improved Reproductive Health and Orthopaedic conditions