There are 7 flavours in our everyday range, 2 in our Allergy range and 1 Scientifically formulated WELLBEING Diet. Each Flavour is available in 3kg pack containing 12 x 250g individually sealed patties.

This is the number one flavour in the range. It is easily accepted at all stages of your pet’s life, and is recommended as the flavour to introduce to your puppy when it starts to eat raw food.
Chicken offers excellent levels of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and essential fatty acids (EFAs) in a readily available and digestible form just as nature intended.
The fat from this protein source offers better levels than some of the other proteins with regard to the EFA, Omega 3, and is responsible for a healthy coat and skin, as well as cardiovascular muscle and cell health.
Raw chicken bones contain nutrient-dense bone marrow, which is a superior, natural, energy-giving and well-being ingredient. They also contain good coverage of healthy digestible cartilage – excellent for joints and cancer prevention.
They are soft and readily digestible and supply a natural form of calcium and phosphorus, which is essential for growing puppies. Chicken also offers excellent levels of protein (amino acids, known as the building blocks of life) and ensures correct growth, repair and recovery at all stages of your pet’s life.
Because chicken offers so much coverage with its nutrient profile, it is an important ingredient in nearly all our range of Big Dog Barf.

Big Dog BARF for Dogs - Chicken

  • Some benefits of feeding RAW BARF for Dogs Diet often include: Improved Skin, Coat and Lean Body Mass: A BARF fed pet has a healthier skin and coat and no more of that “doggy odour”. Persistent skin problems improve as a result of a diet high in omegas and FREE from preservatives. Pets also usually start losing unwanted fat and gain lean muscle mass; meaning your pet looks much better; and metabolic rate and activity levels increase, which leads to a longer lifespan. Healthier Teeth and Fresher Breath: Big Dog BARF contains crushed bone which aids in teeth cleaning, reduces tartar and promotes great teeth and gum health. Because BARF is all natural and a diet that the dog’s body can easily break down and absorb the nutrients as it travels through the digestive system, their breath will be much fresher. Reduced Stool Volume and Odour: Because the dog’s body does breakdown the diet easier and absorbs more nutrients, the stool volume will be greatly reduced, the dog will stop “scooting” and there will be a more natural and normal emptying of the anal sac. A strengthened Immune System: You know yourself when you are eating right your body functions much better, is more resistance to illness and disease. Our dogs are no different. The most common benefits when feeding Big Dog BARF include: Increase resistance to fleas, worms and internal parasites due to a diet containing essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 & 9’s). A resistance to inflammatory conditions and infections meaning long term and persistent ear problems will diminish. Disappearance of dry eye syndrome. Disappearing Diabetes – low levels of soluble carbohydrates in BARF mean that BARF fed pets rarely develop diabetes and insulin dependent animals of become completely normal.