Cats, like dogs, have had a diet based on whole raw foods since the beginning of time. It is only by human intervention have our cats started to eat grain and wheat based diets and as a result the levels of disease, skin condition, immune dysfunction have escalated. Cats have a unique metabolic system and are required to eat frequent, small meals to keep this balanced. When switching to a raw food diet it is really important to take this into consideration. It is not healthy to let cats fast in any way and you may need to mix with their current diet, gradually altering the ratios until you are feeding 100% raw. Cats require an essential aminio acid called taurine. They cannot create this like dogs do thus rely on a diet high in taurine for health and wellbeing. Taurine is found in most meats but most readily available in the heart organ. A raw diet high in heart and rich in meats provides a sound foundation for the cats nutritional requirements.

Big Dog BARF for Cats - 2 Flavours

  • TURKEY BARF - Combining beef and lamb heart, with the health promoting benefits of low allergin meat – turkey this diet contains high levels of essential amino acids taurine and arginine which is the perfect balance for your cats health.

    KANGAROO BARF - With the benefit of lean muscle meat, vitamin and mineral-rich offal, calcium-rich crushed bone as well as biologically appropriate amounts of carrots, wheat grass, barley grass, whole eggs, live probiotics, prebiotics alfalfa and kelp. Kick the can to the curb and let your furry feline into the raw food realm!